Handmade Bespoke Jewellery from Julian Stephens Goldsmith

Bespoke Contemporary Jewellery

Do you want to turn your own ideas into reality? Contact us to commission any thing from a special locket or charm as a special gift , wedding, engagement and eternity rings through to Trophies and corporate gifts. Here at Julian Stephens we are expert at translating your ideas into exciting and unique pieces, we enjoy great customer loyalty as clients enjoy our relaxed but professional approach.


Whether it be a wedding or civil ceremony, the rings you choose are a symbol of your commitment to your life partner. Our advice is to choose something simple and hardwearing as these rings are usually worn all the time and will have to last many many years.

If you are looking for something a little different there are many ways to personalise your rings. They can be hand engraved on the inside with your special date or partner’s nickname.

They can also be hand engraved on the outside with almost any design you like. Diamonds and gemstones can also be included on the inside for the secretive! Or on the outside, a single stone 'flush' set or a multitude of diamonds or coloured gemstones 'pavé' set can create a stunning effect. We are often approached by customers who have been given an antique or traditional engagement ring. Sometimes a plain band just doesn’t look right with these ornate and detailed styles. We specialise in making rings to match, using details from the existing engagement ring we can emulate the style and create a harmonious match.


Choosing and purchasing an engagement ring is potentially one of the most romantic gestures you will ever make. However making the right choice can be tricky. Many couples come to us to discuss the multitude of options and possibilities. By making drawings as we chat, showing examples and samples, a new design emerges. This is a fun, exciting and very enjoyable process, which results in a unique piece of jewellery that carries a shared memory for many years.

If you want to surprise your beau, a beautiful ring can still be purchased or commissioned. Here follows a few questions you could ask yourself at the outset.

Think about what sort of jewellery your partner likes, traditional, modern, funky, gothic? Do you want a single stone ring ? If you do, what shape stone would you like? Round ,princess, marquise, baguette…There are many stone shapes to choose from.

If you want a triple stone engagement ring, the stone shapes can be combined to great effect, for example an oval stone with a pear shape on either side is very effective. Try doodling with the different shapes. What metal should the ring be made from? We make rings from all precious metals and would always recommend choosing the hardest wearing metal. However where there are constraints of budget it is possible to use the harder metals just around the stones, we will of course advise you.

What size is your partner? We can post you a free ring sizer to help you, as you may be able to access a ring worn on that finger, or if your partner is a deep sleeper you may be able to take their size while they sleep! If you know the size that is great but if you don’t we will make the ring an average size and it can always be altered after presentation, we do not charge for this service.


We select and supply diamonds and gemstones from many authorised sources and pride ourselves in being able to source stones at the best prices. There is a huge amount of information about diamonds on the internet explaining the four c’s etc. As a standard we make all our diamond jewellery with GVs quality stones.

Of course with bespoke jewellery you can choose higher or lower quality stones to suit your budget. We are always happy to advise. We carry a stock of gemstones and can usually offer a choice of two or three stones which is important as the colours of gemstones can vary a great deal.


We love making unusual or interesting pieces of jewellery and on this page you can see a small sample of the type of work we can do. Cufflinks ,crosses, lockets, cocktail rings. The possibilities are endless and we pride ourselves in being able to work to most budgets, having something made need not break the bank!

We can also design and make trophies for sporting events. We undertake commissions for corporate giftware such as cufflinks, lapel pins and commemorative badges.


We usually need about four weeks to complete a commission although if the design is very involved it can take longer, by the same token if your special date in very soon we can make things happen very quickly!