Marianne Forrest Jewellery Designer

Marianne Forrest Jewellery Designer


Marianne Forrest public artworks are location specific, drawing inspiration from the surroundings and particularly the people who use the spaces involved.

Time is a theme recurrent in almost all of her designs either large or small. References to the past and the future work side by side with themes of disintegration and regeneration, the effects of time on surface and form are integral to the objects created. Many of my pieces are designed to wear away or change with the effects of weather or corrosion.

Recent developments have enabled the use of rapid prototyping as a basis for creating craft objects. The Selective Laser Melting process builds solid metal forms as a direct result of Laser Melting. Particularly with watches this allows a level of accuracy unachievable by casting.

Working with Metropolitan works in London I am exploring the possibilities of this new method of creation and will make a series of pieces that expands the idea of rapid manufacture.