Sophie Saunders Jewellery Designer

Sophie Saunders Jewellery Designer

Sophie Saunders

Sophie Saunders is perhaps unique in her approach to design. Before studying jewellery design under Julian Stephens, she spent ten years working for the genetic engineering laboratory as a technician.

As jewellery designer and maker Saunders applies her knowledge of Science and craft to construct formations of beads on wire not unlike the fundamental structure of DNA. Likening beads and wire to molecules and bonds, Saunders visualises molecules filling space when she threads beads on to wire.

Applying an obsessive attention to detail she designs jewellery with both chirality and symmetry: juxtaposing the exact science of construction with the uniqueness of the stones.

Saunders is highly selective with her choice of materials, using only hand selected semi precious beads and judiciously pairing them with gold, white gold, silver or platinum.