Handmade Earrings


Handmade earrings from Julian Stephens make an elegant gift perfect for every occasion. Choose from designer earrings that shimmer like a golden frost, or swirls of silver delicately woven into blossom - there are imaginative styles you’ll love to wear.

Browse our latest collection online now, or visit us in our central Brighton boutique shop where you can see our designers at work.

For something totally unique, why not commission us? We ask just four weeks for this exclusive service.

Julian Stephens has brought together handmade earrings from talented designers throughout Britain, all carefully selected for their artistic ability and skilled technique. Wherever possible, all materials used in our jewellery are fair trade too, making a positive impact on overseas working communities and creating stylish jewellery that you can wear guilt-free. We have a fair wage policy too for all our British designers. Read our ethical policy for more information.

Elegant, timeless designs and ethical production make Julian Stephens’ exquisite designer earrings a rare gift.