Petra de Souza Thomson originally studied Environmental Science in her life before Jewellery making and it was during this period of her education that she became very aware of the aquatic environment, garnering a particular interest in saltwater cultured pearls and the impact pollution and changes in temperature have on this natural gemstone.

Her initial interest in the biology of Pearls soon led to a fascination with many different kinds of natural gemstones, whilst continuing her interest in freshwater and saltwater cultured pearls. Petra has spent much time learning from experts and importers of pearls and gemstones and this passion developed, resulting in Petra designing her own jewellery ranges using the natural materials and gemstones she adores.

Petra combines pearls and semi-precious stones with sterling silver and loves to explore colour through her choice of pearl hues adding texture and intricate craftsmanship to create her collections of striking, unconventional contemporary jewellery.



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