2019 is the year of recycling something that we at Julian Stephens are really passionate about. If you have jewellery that you no longer wear or scraps of jewellery you never got around to fixing then bring them into our workshop and talk to us about how you can recycle your jewellery to make something completely brand new.

Jewlerry alteration - Julian Stephens

From updating your wedding ring to mark an anniversary to turning it into something unique, we can add diamonds or gemstones, melt it down into a new shape or simply update the style. The possibilities are literally endless!

Gold for gold wedding rings - Julian Stephens

Whether it’s an earring you want to turn into a ring, a necklace turned into a pair of cufflinks or you are really into tourmalines in 2019 and just want to add them to your favourite piece, call us or pop into store to talk to Julian and our highly skilled goldsmiths about recycling your old jewellery and making it into something truly unique.

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