An engagement ring is a truly special piece of Jewellery, a magical ring worn everyday and much admired which symbolises and encapsulates your unique romance. At Julian Stephens we understand popping the question is a unique, exciting and special time for you.


Sharing our wisdom and experience as a Goldsmith and Bespoke Jeweller we thought we’d share our top tips to help find and purchase the perfect engagement ring. There is so much wisdom and expertise to share gleaned from decades of creating exceptional engagement rings for our happy clients we’ll be publishing our tips in a series of blogs to help guide you step by step through the process.


A Surprise Proposal!


The biggest issue with presenting an engagement ring as a surprise or unexpected proposal is choosing a ring which is a perfect fit. There are many options available to help navigate ring sizing we’ve included our best tips below:


  • Like many reputable Jewellers Julian Stephens Goldsmith can send you a ring sizer device in the post, the ring sizer is easy to slip on a finger whilst your partner is sleeping to ensure a perfect ring fit.


  • Another option is to bring in an existing ring that’s the right size for the ring finger. (It is worth noting different fingers on each hand will vary in size but an existing ring can help with gauging a size estimate which can later be adjusted for a perfect fit.)


  • Talk to a trusted family member, a mother or sister may have a good idea of your partner’s ring size or may have a ring your significant other has tried on in the past that fits.


  • We offer size adjusting as part of our Engagement and Wedding ring services so if you purchase a ring from us that doesn’t fit perfectly simply pop back in with your partner for a full ring fitting and resizing with our master Goldsmith Julian.


  • Commission a prototype version of a design you like to create an inexpensive sample ring in Sterling Silver with semi-precious gemstones to present for your proposal. This way you can ensure the ring design is perfect and commission a Diamond and precious metal version afterwards. The proposal design could then be saved as a beautiful memento of your engagement, worn on travels or holidays or saved as a sentimental gift for future additions to your family.


  • Another alternative is purchase a fun costume jewellery ring, for example a Christmas cracker ring or a curio found in a craft market or on holiday to create a fun surprise, or something that is a reminder of times shared as partners and shop together post-proposal to select a piece together as a couple.