We have partnered up with our friends at the Wedding Secret to share a romantic take on making your wedding rings extra personal and special with these wedding ring engraving ideas.

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Your wedding rings will be deeply personal and treasured things no matter what. However, many couples are now choosing to add an extra element of personalisation and meaning to their wedding rings by having them engraved. This can add a little something special to your standard gold wedding bands, or can put a further unique mark on bespoke rings.

So to help inspire you, we at The Wedding Secret have compiled a list of 9 unique and meaningful wedding ring engraving ideas that you and your fiancée are sure to love.


  • “I love you” (in a different language)

If you and/or your other half speak a language other than English that you use to communicate in, having “I love you” engraved on the inside of your rings in that language is a lovely special touch.

  • A short quote

And I mean very short. (There isn’t much room on the inside of wedding rings, in case you hadn’t noticed.) But if there’s a little quote from a play, poem, book, or sonnet that is special to you both, this could be perfect for you.

  • A line from a hymn or religious text

Again, this would have to be on the short side, but if you’re religious and have a favourite hymn, psalm, or verse of a religious text that’s important to you and your relationship, why not incorporate it here?

  • Your wedding date

Not the most original of choices, but if you chose your wedding date for a specific or meaningful reason, this could be a good way to highlight and remeber the special daay.

  • Your nicknames for each other/Your celeb couple name

Okay, this could get a little embarrassing, but it’s also pretty adorable if you’re that kind of ultra-affectionate couple. These names for one another are personal and representative of your love, just like your wedding rings, so this is a great way to incorporate them if you’re so inclined.

  • An inside joke

This would only really be funny and meaningful if it’s a joke that you’ve had for a while and that’s one of your little ‘couple’ things, but it could be really cute and as well as being a fun little secret between the two of you.

  • Coordinates

If there’s a location that’s particularly special to you – be that the place where you met, where you fell in love, where you got engaged, or somewhere significant you went on holiday together – you can acknowledge that by having the coordinates engraved into the inside of your rings. This is sure to be something unique to the two of you and is a nice way to commemorate that special location.

  • The name of your first dance song

…Or some lyrics from it, if they’re brief enough. If your first dance song is significant to you and not just a stock love song you picked because you couldn’t agree on anything else, having the song title or some lyrics from it engraved on your rings is a lovely way to make that song a little more special.

  • Your couple ‘motto’

Maybe you have a little phrase you say to one another instead of “I love you”, or maybe you have a motto you came up with to get each other through tough times and to remind yourselves that you’re a team. Whatever it may be, engraving it onto your rings will add more significance to it and will serve as a constant reminder of it.

Of course, these are just a few ideas, but we hope that it’s helped you to begin coming up with some ideas that will be meaningful to you and that you’ll love to have incorporated into your wedding bands. Whatever you decide on, make sure it’s something that’s significant to you as a couple and that will serve to make your rings even more special.

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