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Sterling Silver Twin Snakes & Green Tourmaline Ring

Sterling Silver Twin Snakes & Green Tourmaline Ring

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A truly unique ring, expertly crafted by Julian Stephens from the finest and most precious materials to create a breathtaking contemporary ring design.

Inspired by dark, Gothic sources this glorious design sees a beautifully crafted pair of writhing snakes constructed from deftly textured, engraved solid Sterling Silver which cleverly wrap around to create a ring shank and setting for an exceptional Green Tourmaline gemstone.

The Emerald cut Green Tourmaline is held by the heads and tails of the snakes which wrap around and hide the setting. The setting allows the maximum amount of light to pass through the beautiful facets of this Tourmaline, ensuring it dazzles, sparkles and glows an opulent green hue.

This extravagant and richly Gothic ring is crafted with the utmost care and reverence for the fine materials used, it proudly bears Julian Stephens exclusive makers mark and is fully hallmarked to indicate the brilliance and beauty of the materials used to create this stunning design.

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